One of the reasons for the success of SimplyBiz is that we have never lost sight of our primary purpose: to provide support and guidance to directly authorised firms in every area of their business.

SimplyBiz is dedicated to providing comprehensive, market leading compliance and business support to directly authorised advisers. As a member, you are assured that everything we provide is designed to fit your needs.

At SimplyBiz, we have been supporting directly authorised advisers for over 15 years and every decision we make about our proposition has always and will continue to be made with our members in mind. Every member of our 165 strong team understands that advisers and their needs are central to everything we do.

As you would expect, compliance is at the heart of our proposition and we strive to ensure you have access to the very best support - whether through our groundbreaking Vision proposition, a blueprint for running a fully compliant business, or by ensuring you have access to the very best specialists in the compliance field.

Beyond compliance, SimplyBiz provides its members with a whole array of development support and tools. Whether you are looking to grow your business, develop your skills and develop the skills of the individuals at your firm, we are here to help.

At SimplyBiz, we will endeavour to provide the very best support but which elements you choose to use is your call - after all, it's your business. 

Today, SimplyBiz supports over 6000 financial advisers throughout the UK, making us the largest supporter of directly authorised advisers in the market.

Latest News

A day in the life of... your client

March 27, 2017

Simply by changing your website you can tap into changing consumer behaviour...

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"To boldly go where no robot has gone before"

March 20, 2017

I am sure Star Trek would have flopped had it just been a bunch of robots exploring the galaxies; it needed great characters to bring it alive for its followers.

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Nearly half of advisers think clients are being overcharged, survey finds

March 15, 2017

Almost half of advisers think that some clients are overpaying for the value of service they receive, according to a survey conducted by SimplyBiz's New Model Business Academy (NMBA).

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"Singing loudly over FSCS funding consultation"

March 10, 2017

In 1959, It’s Now or Never was a massive hit for Elvis Presley, selling more than 5m records and it is no exaggeration to say that it is now or never for you to have your say on how the FSCS is funded.

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