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The butterfly effect in CIPs

28 Oct 2020

He writes about butterflies, stings like a bee and is back to tell us more about the changing elements within advisers' central investment propositions, and how the Retail Distribution Review changed the game.

Our CIP VIP, and Head of Business Consultancy, Karl Dines, delivers the first of a three-part series exploring the butterfly effect of moving parts within a CIP.

SimplyBiz Group and Gateway Surveyors welcome IMLA's green mortgage research

20 Oct 2020

"Every valuation carried out virtually means one less car journey. Just think what the reduction in our carbon footprint would be for every 50,000 valuations that are undertaken virtually."

Martin Reynolds, CEO of SimplyBiz Mortgages, welcomes the IMLA - The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association's research into #green mortgages and discusses how Gateway Surveyors' zero contact valuations are good for both the planet and the sector.

Understanding the challenges with ESG investing

19 Oct 2020

Group Director of Compliance Services, Mark Greenwood, has written this piece for Signature Support - part of The SimplyBiz Group - on some of the challenges facing DFMs in the ESG market. The article offers not only 30 mins of CPD, but also his specialist insight into the links between ESG and intergenerational advice, and upcoming regulatory changes which may affect the ESG advice process.

Points to consider when appointing a DFM

16 Oct 2020

Richard Nuttall, Head of Compliance Policy, explores some of the major issues adviser firms need to consider when working with a DFM.  In particular, the piece looks at different ways in which the two can engage, regulatory exceptions which apply in different scenarios, and what they may mean for advisers and their clients. 

Does your tech help your CIP and CRP?

12 Oct 2020

SimplyBiz Group Head of Business Consultancy, Karl Dines, writes here about how to check, and ensure your tech is supporting your CIP and CRP in a way which will make your business more efficient and keep your clients and the regulator happy. Karl explores how, once properly implemented, a CIP can do a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ for a firm and help advisers get to where they need to be, and takes a look at what the regulator will be looking for from CIPs and CRPs.

SimplyBiz Group named second in the Kirklees Top 100 Business Listings

08 Oct 2020

The SimplyBiz Group has been placed second in the recently announced Kirklees Top 100 Business Listings.  This prestigious ranking is a joint venture between University of HuddersfieldKirklees Council, The Huddersfield Examiner, and the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3M BIC).  The inaugural Kirklees Top 100 Business Listings launch took place on the 8 October at a virtual event, sponsored by CityFibre, with the top businesses and partner representatives in attendance.  The Kirklees Top 100 was been developed to help strengthen bonds within the Kirklees business community and put the district on the map as an attractive destination for inward investment, business start-up, scale-up and growth.

Your two month plan to SM&CR fitness!

08 Oct 2020

In this article, our Director of Compliance Services, Mark Greenwood steps on to the metaphorical regulatory treadmill to explain how firms can get ship-shape ahead of the SM&CR 'fit and proper' deadline which is just two months away.  Mark looks at the way in which firms will need to gather evidence to demonstrate their senior managers and certified persons are fit and proper for their role; and that they meet requirements of honesty, integrity and reputation, financial soundness and competence and capability.  He also focusses on the Directory – a new public register that goes live after 9 December, and it will contain details about specific individuals working in financial services. 

The changes of suitability for ESG investing

07 Oct 2020

In this podcast, SimplyBiz Group Director of Compliance Services, Mark Greenwood, joins Royal London’s senior investment development and technical manager, Ryan Medlock, to discuss how suitability processes need to change in order to apply to the growing ESG sector.  Mark observed that  current guidance means advisers should no longer just be asking a single question during the fact find process to establish whether their clients are interested in ESG investing, but need to instead concentrate more on the process which follows the client’s response.  The expert pair also cover the benefits of having a centralised investment propositions in place, and what we might see from the regulator in this area. 

Spot the difference to avoid confusion

07 Oct 2020

"The first important step is to eliminate the confusion between advice and guidance."  In Ken Davy's latest article, he discusses the FCA's Call For Input, and how further clarity can be added for consumers.  Ken also reaffirms his commitment to supporting change in the ‘grotesque and unfair’ way in which the FSCS is currently funded, and assures readers that he will be doing his utmost in the coming weeks and months to bring about this change. 

Advice Show Line-up - MI Live

06 Oct 2020

A live broadcast featuring an array of industry leaders discussing the big issues shaping our industry - broadcast straight to your laptop, phone or any other device, meaning you don’t have to go anywhere to get all the latest news, views and insight.

Next show: MI Live - on air 16 November 2020