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The changes of suitability for ESG investing

07 Oct 2020

In this podcast, SimplyBiz Group Director of Compliance Services, Mark Greenwood, joins Royal London’s senior investment development and technical manager, Ryan Medlock, to discuss how suitability processes need to change in order to apply to the growing ESG sector.  Mark observed that  current guidance means advisers should no longer just be asking a single question during the fact find process to establish whether their clients are interested in ESG investing, but need to instead concentrate more on the process which follows the client’s response.  The expert pair also cover the benefits of having a centralised investment propositions in place, and what we might see from the regulator in this area. 

Spot the difference to avoid confusion

07 Oct 2020

"The first important step is to eliminate the confusion between advice and guidance."  In Ken Davy's latest article, he discusses the FCA's Call For Input, and how further clarity can be added for consumers.  Ken also reaffirms his commitment to supporting change in the ‘grotesque and unfair’ way in which the FSCS is currently funded, and assures readers that he will be doing his utmost in the coming weeks and months to bring about this change. 

Advice Show Line-up - MI Live

06 Oct 2020

A live broadcast featuring an array of industry leaders discussing the big issues shaping our industry - broadcast straight to your laptop, phone or any other device, meaning you don’t have to go anywhere to get all the latest news, views and insight.

Next show: MI Live - on air 16 November 2020

SimplyBiz Group partners with Wealthify to offer access to a low fee digital investment solution for members

22 Sep 2020

The SimplyBiz Group and Wealthify have announced a new partnership, with SimplyBiz members now able to access Wealthify’s online investment service to help meet client demand for digital solutions.

Learn the language of vulnerability

21 Sep 2020

We already knew that our Director of Compliance Services, Mark Greenwood, was fluent in regulation-ese, but today he's also giving a lesson on the language of vulnerability in the advice process.

How the EU capital adequacy regime will apply to those with DIM and DFM permissions

16 Sep 2020

Elaine Parkes of Signature Support - part of The SimplyBiz Group - explores capital requirements, ICAAP and the realities of being a DFM in a post-Brexit world. 

How to be a safe pair of hands for solicitor referrals

10 Sep 2020

With new rules coming into play for solicitor firms, Dave Seager, Managing Director of SIFA Professional, looks at how advice firms can best position themselves as a suitable option for client referrals.

Advisers continue to adapt to stay on the front foot

09 Sep 2020

Group Chairman, Ken Davy, discusses the use of virtual technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of advisers.

How can the 'matryoshka principle' help to future-proofing CIPs?

08 Sep 2020

Head of Business Consultancy, Karl Dines, explains why the ‘matryoshka principle’ is an important part of a forward-looking centralised investment proposition and outlines the issues of which advisers should be aware. 

Ceta joins SimplyBiz Mortgages' insurance panel

04 Sep 2020

We’re delighted to welcome Ceta Insurance to the panel!