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Packing your adviser toolkit

24 Apr 2019

Scarlett Musson of APS Legal discusses the importance of advisers having the right tools to hand for their clients.

SimplyBiz AGM Result

23 Apr 2019

An overview of the Group’s first AGM since its flotation. 

Dead, but not gone!

17 Apr 2019

Ken Davy’s regular column this week looks at how a banking error nearly cost him more than pounds and pence!

SM&CR – the dawn of a new era?

11 Apr 2019

In the second of a series on the impending Senior Managers and Certification Regime, Compliance Services Director, Mark Greenwood, explores the thought behind, and objectives of, SM&CR.

How do you calculate your charging structure?

09 Apr 2019

Karl Dines explores the complex area of charges, and gives some tips on finding out how yours measures up 

Are you working in your clients' best interests?

08 Apr 2019

Dave Seager, Development Director of SIFA, discusses how to use professional connections to your clients’ benefits

Ken Davy: Time to corral ambulance chasing cowboys

03 Apr 2019

Group Chairman Ken discusses why he’s pleased to see CMCs fall under the FCA’s watchful eye, and the ways in which regulation will benefit both the industry and consumers. 

SimplyBiz Group announces Hymans Robertson partnership

02 Apr 2019

The SimplyBiz Group, the leading fintech and support service business, has today entered into an exclusive, long-term partnership with Hymans Robertson to provide strategic asset allocation services to the 3,700 advisory firms that it supports.