Doing this yourself can be extremely time consuming, and if it's not something you live and breathe every day, you may never get it right.

That's where we come in!

Compliance is at the very heart of what we do, and we have been doing it for a very long time!

Our vast experience and depth of expertise enables directly authorised firms to operate with confidence. Whether it's through our helpdesks, regular bulletins, events, audits or consultancy services, we will always talk to you about compliance in plain English. We'll also tell you exactly what regulation or policy change means for you and your clients, and, in turn, what you need to do to remain compliant.

Centres of excellence

Our centres of excellence offer the very best in regulatory support, ensuring you have everything you need to run a successful and compliant business, including:

  • Compliance technical helpdesk
  • Pension, tax, and later life helpdesks
  • Themed and bespoke audits, conducted in your office or virtually
  • Specialist file checking unit
  • Regulatory based training programme
  • Ongoing communications through events, bulletins, and website
  • Comprehensive operating centre with an array of documentation
  • Further specialist units covering DB transfers, credit checks, criminal records and more

Compliance - Centres of excellence

In addition, SimplyBiz is at the forefront of change and, through our close working relationship with the regulator, we consult on policy and ensure that the voice of the adviser is heard. You will find the latest initiatives with which we are supporting advisers throughout this website, such as SM&CR, advising vulnerable clients and more. You will have seen a breadth of our expert team members very active in the press, delivering both technical guidance and insight into the issues that matter to you.


Consumer Duty

On the 31st July, 2023, the Consumer Duty rules came into effect, after a year of planning and preparation. In the lead up to this date, we provided advisers with an array of support:

  • Ongoing information and education, with a dedicated webinar and event programme and key updates at all our events, regular bulletins and guides
  • Documentations and templates – full guidance, ready to use templates, gap analysis implementation plan and more
  • Support and guidance through our extensive compliance teams, including bespoke, firm specific support for assessment and support in building a solution
  • Dedicated tech to lighten the burden and support evidencing, including vulnerability and client feedback tools, extensive online CPD portal and more

Whilst the deadline has passed, firms will still need to build on the work they have done and we are here to provide guidance, support and readymade tools to help with overall delivery and evidencing.

Regulatory Reporting and Notification Guide

Keeping on top of both the when and how of regulatory reporting can be a real drain of time and resource. This interactive guide will assist your firm with its FCA reporting and notification requirements. In addition to outlining each requirement, it provides direct access to the correct area of the FCA's site, as well as to the breadth of supporting material and guidance from SimplyBiz, at the click of a button.

Specialist Support

We have over 100 compliance specialists working at SimplyBiz, and each one of them is dedicated to extending their knowledge, deepening their expertise and keeping on top of the regulator's every move, all to ensure that they can support our Member Firms at ever step of the advice process.

Our compliance experts understand every client is unique, and therefore their understanding of compliance and legislation needs to be flexible enough to translate to real life situations. We're here to help our Members stay compliant, whilst continuing to provide the highest level of service to their clients.


The introduction of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) was one of the biggest regulatory changes of the past decade. Even though the regime is now in place, its ongoing effects require regular attention and work from adviser firms in order to ensure they remain compliant.

Our guides are written by our expert policy team and our documentation provides a wealth of information on all aspects of the regime, and the teams managing the supporting services are well placed to be able to offer support across all firm types and scenarios.

DB Transfers

DB Transfers

Client interest in the entire range of retirement solutions available to them remains unabated, and DB pension transfer advice continues to be worth consideration for many. We understand that providing a robust and reliable service in this space can prove a challenge to advisers, and we have therefore built a solution to help them meet this demand from clients.

Our Pension Transfer Bureau offers an outsourcing solution to advisers who are either unable to, or choose not to, operate in the defined benefits transfer market, but still want to meet the needs of their clients in this area.

Our panel is made up of eight fantastic firms, all staffed by highly qualified specialists with years of experience. We have completed thorough due diligence on each partner and feel certain that we have a strong range of options for firms who wish to refer pension transfer cases.

Consultancy Service

The SimplyBiz Regulatory Consultancy Team can offer a wide variety of bespoke compliance solutions to support your firm in meeting its regulatory obligations. They are an experienced, highly qualified team located in all areas of the UK, able to assist you in supporting your business needs and meeting Financial Conduct Authority expectations.

Our compliance visits are designed to give you peace of mind that your firm's compliance arrangements and systems and controls are both compliant and in good operational order and can be conducted in person at your office, or virtually if you prefer.

Advising vulnerable clients

We have seen the issues of vulnerability compounded over the past few months and no matter how long you've worked with some of your clients, it can often be difficult to broach the subject, and then knowing how to deal with it in the right way once identified.

With increasing attention from the regulator, and the need to adequately protect both you and your clients, it's never been more important to have - and follow - vulnerable person policies and procedures. For this reason, we launched a breadth of support in this area, including a hub continuing information and guidance and events, and we have partnered with leading providers and charities to provide extended solutions.

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