SimplyBiz launches campaign to support firms to become more profitable SimplyBiz launches campaign to support firms to become more profitable

25 Apr 2022

Although there is renewed optimism in the IFA sector, backed by growing client engagement and satisfaction, when set against the backdrop of a continuingly challenging environment, more and more advisory firms are growing concerned about how they can continue to run a profitable business.

With this in mind, we have launched a dedicated week focusing on helping films to run a more efficient and profitable business, five days – five ways to help, with access to exclusive videos, guidance and solutions.


DAY 1: Back to basics LIVE

To kick things off, we are going to start at the beginning, looking at the Regulator's expectations. Armed with this information, you should be able to confidently bring your service model to market and have a structured approach to building out a service model - all of this will help to make a business more efficient, more profitable and remove risk!

Want more?

We have much more support from day one including our CIP anatomy guide - click here if you would like to receive a complimentary copy.


DAY 2: Digital engagement

Digital communications and engagement can help to bring about great efficiencies. On day two, we provide guidance and support around a number of key initiatives all designed to hep you make this a reality.


DAY 3: Outsource to earn more

Outsourcing specialist solutions will mean you are able to extend your services to clients and increase your income levels, all without the need for extra resource, added admin or training – a truly efficient and effective solution.

On day three - we look at protection, will writing and estate planning, DB transfers, later life, care and more.


DAY 4: Technology is your friend…

...but only if you have the right solutions. An all-encompassing solution will not only support your advice process, making for a robust, repeatable and more profitable business model, but by choosing a market leading platform, with all the solutions you need in one, you will literally save £000s!


DAY 5: Exit planning

Along the way, you will inevitably want to look at how you can get your business in to the right shape for a would-be acquirer when the time comes, and we can help you do that. We are working with a number of firms looking to acquire and we know what they look for and what makes a business attractive. Find out more on day 5.

Want more?

We have much more support from day five including our exit planning guide - click here if you would like to receive a complimentary copy.




Find out how the UK’s number one can help your business to become more profitable

These are just a few ways in which we are helping firms to build a more efficient and profitable business. We have an array of award-winning support and solutions wrapped around a comprehensive framework of regulatory based support, all designed to help you to reduce risk and to build for the future.

Get in touch today and find out why more and more people are choosing SimplyBiz.


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