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1. Importance of regulator's 'Dear CEO' letters should 'not be underestimated'

Ken Davy, Chairman of The SimplyBiz Group and industry veteran of over 40 years, has spoken about what he describes as a ‘double-barrelled shot across the bows’ from the regulator. 

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2. FCA opens 2020 with 'Dear CEO' letter

Ken Davy discusses the regulator’s latest communication and hopes that it will see more protection for both consumers and advisers. 

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3. Embracing technology in 2020 will lead to happier clients

Embracing technology such as Facetime next year will lead to happier clients and increased success for advisers, Ken Davy has predicted

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4. The Good, Bad And Ugly Of 2019

Read about Ken Davy’s views on the highlights and low points of the past twelve months in the world of advice. 

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5. Government should scrap savings silos and the lifetime allowance

Ken Davy discusses why silos may be good for grain, but not for fairer, simpler, less costly and more effective savings everyone

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6. Ken Davy: Seeing the benefits of good financial advice

At this year’s MDRT in Miami, one message kept coming up - we all know that our clients are able to enjoy more satisfying lives when their protection and savings needs are in good order.  Doing a better job for clients enables them, and you, to live a more comfortable, fulfilling and balanced life. 

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7. SimplyBiz's Centra has strong uptake

2300 advisers sign up for the Group’s end-to-end investment advice system since launch.

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8. Having the LPA conversation

APS Legal’s Scarlett Musson looks at why it’s so essential to discuss Lasting Power of Attorney with every client.

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9. Be a better you in 2019

Our Group Chairman discusses productive New Year’s resolutions and why time spent planning is never wasted.

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10. The SimplyBiz Group responds to the proposed FOS award limit increase

Read the statement from Ken Davy to the FCA's current consultation along with The SimplyBiz Group's full consultation response.

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Importance of regulator's 'Dear CEO' letters should 'not be underestimated'

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